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Good Sex project

Good sex? Building evidence-based practice in young people’s sexual health.

The ‘good sex’ project involved young people, sexual health professionals, researchers and artists. The project aimed to bring them together to make films, training materials and educational resources on sexual pleasure and how to ‘be sex positive’.

Here you can find out more about the project and the films and materials which have been created. You can also watch the project videos on young people's stories of first sex.

About the project

Brook's mission is to help young people to enjoy their sexuality without harm. Through this collaborative project with the University of Sussex, Brook aimed to develop resources to help young people explore the potential risks and pleasures of sex and to develop an understanding of sexuality as a positive and enjoyable aspect of their lives.

The ‘good sex’ project is based on a PhD research project funded by Brook and The Open University. Over four years the researcher, Ester McGeeney, collected survey, interview and focus group data from young people in London to find out more about how and what they understand about ‘good sex’ and ‘sexual pleasure’.

Following Ester’s PhD, the project developed into exploring ways of reanimating the data collected for new audiences; aiming to create resources to inform young people about the research findings and to enable sexual health professionals to deliver ‘sex-positive’ services to young people.

As part of the project, seven young people came together with a researcher, film-maker and theatre director to experiment with creative ways of working with research data and bringing it to life. Working with over 200 responses to the question “Good sex is…?”, the young volunteers explored way of bringing the survey answers to life; by taking part in visualization activities, writing monologues, recording voiceovers, designing story-boards and creating ‘film-sets’.

The result of their work are the two films below! Find out more about how the films were made on the Good Sex project blog!

Good sex is...

Bad sex is...