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Condom distribution

One of the Department of Health's ambitions for sexual health is to prioritise prevention.

The provision of condoms and lube makes a major contribution to this. Brook offers free male and female condoms and lube to young people when they visit our services, and we also run a number of successful Condom Distribution Schemes (CDS) throughout the country.

Complementary to our CDS in many areas of the country, Brook also offers a comprehensive range of sexual health provision in our local clinics, including: 

Who do we provide services for?

We provide services for young people up to the age of 25. We work with organisations who act as distributors of condoms and lube, often called 'Easy access points'.

Where we deliver and how to commission new services from us

We deliver Condom Distribution Services in a number of locations throughout the UK. 

If you would like us to deliver a new service, please contact us.

Why choose Brook CDS services for young people in your area?

It is increasingly recognised that more outlets would increase the uptake of condom usage, and contribute to prevention. This is where Condom Distribution Schemes contribute to better sexual health outcomes and NICE guidelines support their implementation.

Condom distribution schemes across the country take account of Brook recommendations in C-Card distribution schemes – What, Why, How. The guidance was updated by Brook in 2014 and launched with Public Health England to reflect the increasing interconnectivity of chlamydia screening and condom distribution.

Brook has extensive experience in delivering successful CDS services throughout the country including London.

Our Condom Distribution Scheme services

Briefly, a CDS scheme involves recruiting a number of partner organisations to be outlets or 'easy access points' and training their staff there to:

  1. Register a young person, assessing their safety and competence to use a condom, equipping staff to deliver health related 'brief interventions'
  2. Issue a card which entitles the young person to an agreed number of supplies
  3. Follow up and review where the young person’s circumstances, sexual health and medical needs can be discussed.

Integral to the process is the initial interview where health promotion information is given and young people have the opportunity to discuss health and wellbeing issues with trained staff, in a confidential environment. This makes the scheme not just about condom distribution, but about general health and wellbeing.

Details of our approach

Public Health England states:

We know that two things are necessary if we are to improve young people’s sexual and reproductive health: high-quality and comprehensive sex and relationships education, and free access to effective contraception and sexual and reproductive health services. The challenge lies in delivering these in ways young people trust, and which give them both the confidence and the knowledge they need to make healthy choices."

Brook is a brand that young people trust and we bring that approach to the condom distribution schemes we run.

Condoms and sexual health advice are given to young people by trained workers at locations known as outlets or 'easy access points'.

Brook brings its local knowledge and expertise to recruit organisations to become outlets. We pay particular attention to hard to reach groups and recruit organisations which they know and trust. Organisations wishing to join the scheme are screened by Brook for suitability. We recruit outlets which can provide a safe and confidential space for registrations and discussions with young people. Outlets also need to commit to attending our training in administering the scheme and also for providing sexual health advice to young people. This usually takes place over 2 days for staff who will be running the scheme in the outlet. Training can be tailored to meet the needs of the outlet and staff availability.

In return for the commitment to become an outlet, Brook will provide all the support and supplies needed. These will include, free of charge:

  • All necessary training and on-going support
  • Guidelines on operating Condom Distribution Scheme
  • Male and female condoms , dams, lubricant and condom demonstrators
  • Leaflets and publicity material
  • IT needs for registering young people and for ordering supplies or a paper based system in the absence of web access

Feedback from our existing outlets show that benefits of being part of the scheme include:

  • the value added for a service of providing a new service
  • better relationships with young people in the locality 
  • an added incentive for young people to access the other services provided by an outlet.

Why choose Brook?

  • Our condom distribution services are underpinned by our national guidance C-Card distribution schemes – What, Why, How, tailored to different localities and populations
  • The support we offer in CDS schemes increases young people’s knowledge and resilience and improves their sexual health outcomes, two ambitions in the DoH framework for Sexual Health Improvement 2013
  • Brook are experts in identifying outlet points which will contribute to outreach for vulnerable and hard to reach groups
  • Our wide ranging expertise means we can train condom distribution point staff to a very high standard
  • We offer a wide range of training courses for distributors for which we are seeking to obtain CPD accreditation


Page updated: May 2016
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