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Volunteer of the month

We are proud of all our volunteers, whether they support us two hours a week, or two hours a month, we value each and every one of them. Without them we would not be able to achieve everything that we do, and benefit as many young people.

Each month we will be celebrating one volunteer, letting you know what they do and the benefit they bring.

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This month's volunteer

July’s Volunteer of the month is...

Emma Bolton, Participation and Volunteering Lead Volunteer who supports the National Participation and Volunteering team

We asked Emma a few questions about her volunteering role

What do you do?

I work closely with the Participation and Volunteering Coordinator to create volunteering opportunities for young people to influence how Brook delivers their service, alongside creating exciting and beneficial opportunities for members of the public to support Brook’s work.

Why did you want to volunteer with Brook?

I am passionate about RSE (relationships and sex education) and ensuring that young people are driving this conversation forward.

What do you get out of volunteering for Brook?

The opportunity to be an agent of change within a large organisation. As well as being around like minded young people who all have a passion for good quality RSE and staff members who have young peoples interests at heart. I work alongside Kirsty who is also a Lead Volunteer, and we've become really good friends so that's a huge bonus of course!

What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering at Brook?

Do it! It's such an invaluable opportunity to learn new skills and a great way to meet new people. Brook staff are so supportive and really want you to succeed and be part of the decision making, so you won't feel on your own.

We also heard from Hannah Panes, Participation and Volunteering Coordinator, who nominated Emma who told us more about the benefit she brings to Brook and young people.

Why did you nominate Emma?

Emma has been volunteering with Brook for over a year now and has been very dedicated in her role on top of studying full time, and working part time. She has really given a lot of time and energy to Brook and is also a pleasure to work with!

How does Emma support young people and Brook’s work?

Emma works with me to develop volunteering at Brook. This includes support with developing roles, training and even policies and procedures. Having insight from a young volunteer like Emma really helps ensure that we are keeping young people and volunteers at the heart of what we do and that what we develop is relevant for young people and volunteers. It is also important for other volunteers to have a peer they can get support from that they can relate to.

What’s the best thing about having Emma, and other volunteers working with you?

Feeling confident that what we are developing has been co-designed and influenced by relevant people is invaluable and helps us stay relevant for young people today.

Thank you Emma for everything you have done to support young people, and Brook.

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