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Social action projects

If there’s a topic you’re passionate about, you can do something about it.  Planning and carrying out a social action project allows you to raise the awareness of a topic which you care about and want other people to do something about too. The aim of the project should be to create positive social change and to benefit the wider community and well as yourself.

A social action project could include one or more of..

  • Starting a petition and getting people to sign it
  • Educating others on the topic (either through workshops or conversations)
  • Creating blogs, vlogs or podcasts
  • Creating or attending community events (i.e. having a stand at a fair)
  • Creating an exhibition of related art

There are many other ways… let your imagination run wild!

The topic could be anything, the important thing is that you are passionate about it. Take a look at Brook’s ‘Have Your Say’ to see what topics have recently been campaigned about by young people.

Previous examples have included:

  • Peer education workshops around what consent is and encoruage people to think about it differently
  • Love tree in the community to encourge people to think about different ways of showing someone you love them without having sex
  • Gathering stories around abortion to create a zine and bust the myth that people regret having an abortion and see it as a mistake

Before you start think about what you will need to carry out the project, for example resources, funding, support, and see who can provide you with what you need.

If you’ve carried out a social action project around sexual health and wellbeing and want to share your story with us please email volunteering@brook.org.uk.