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Brook Champion (clinical focus)

Brook Champions (with a clinical focus) will support the development of Brook’s sexual health and wellbeing clinical services so they are delivered to the highest quality, with the needs of young people seen at the forefront of all clinical decisions, improvements and developments.

Representing the voices of young people, parents/carers and professionals - Brook Champions (with a clinical focus) will influence decisions, incite discussions, evaluate current practices, and be involved in the creation of new services, strategies and projects to ensure Brook’s clinical provisions are leading in their field and reflect the needs of young people today.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Contribute ideas, content and feedback to help co-design resources and tools to be used within the clinics, particularly digital tools
  • Be part of the discussion around the quality of Brook’s services, and help make decisions on what areas should be a priority for improving
  • Share views and opinions on how we deliver our clinical services
  • Collate and review views and opinions from others in relation to our clinical services
  • Support the procurement of new clinical services across the UK
  • Attend relevant clinical focused events, such as workshops, presentations and conferences

Further information

Number of positions: 10


  • 14 to 24 years old 
  • Relevant professional (aged 18+) 
  • Parent/carer 

Term: 2 years 

Location: you can be based anywhere within the UK, most communication will be done over emails or virtual meetings.

Format of the group:

Lead Volunteer: there will be one Lead Volunteer who is required to be a young person aged 14 to 24. Their role will be to lead the rest of the Champions with a clinical focus and to communicate with the Brook staff lead and a Lead Volunteer for Participation and Volunteering.

Young people: there will be 7 young people in addition to the Lead Volunteer.Their role will be to fulfill the role description reflecting on their own and peers experiences and opinions.

Relevant professional: we value professionals input into the development of our education work, for example from teachers, youth workers, social workers, or any professional who would encourage young people to use Brook's services through their work (aged 18+). There will be one relevant professional and their role will be to fulfill the role description as a professional to ensure that our clinical services are appealing to those who may enable young people to benefit from them.

Parent/ Carer: we value parents/ carers input, particularly of those with a child or children under 18 years old. There will be one parent/ carer and their role will be to fulfill the role description as a parent/carer to ensure that our clinical services are appealing to parents/carers and all can encourage their children to benefit from them.

For further information, particularly around person specification and benefits to you see the full role description.


The next round of recruitment is yet to be confirmed, but is likely to be September 2018.

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