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Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering requires time and dedication, however the benefits of giving your time will go beyond increasing your skills and knowlegde.

“The work Brook does to support and empower young people is amazing. They're a really
trailblazing organisation, and the benefits of volunteering are endless! There are so many experiences that have directly helped me progress further with my career and also enrich my social life." -  Kirsty, Lead Volunteer for Participation and Volunteering

You can meet our volunteers to hear about the impact volunteering has had on them. 

For you

  • Increase your knowledge of a sexual health charity
  • Increase your skills
  • Meet other people who are interested in sexual health, wellbeing and young people
  • Enhance your CV
  • Receive free training to complete your role
  • Receive regular support in your role
  • Learn from, and work alongside, experienced staff
  • Give something to the community and young people

“Being a Brook Champion has helped me massively in challenging and facing my anxiety and other mental health issues that I face. From attending the residential weekend where I was able to face my fears of working in groups, social situations and eating in public to working on the photo shoot and interview on RSE for IPPF which helped massively challenge the low self esteem and body image fears that I suffer from.“ - Alex, Brook Champion

For the community

  • More young people receiving accurate sexual health and wellbeing information
  • Increased awareness of young people's sexual health and wellbeing needs
  • More people with increased skills and knowledge to support employment

For Brook

Volunteers bring with them..

  • new ideas
  • a fresh insight
  • different experiences
  • enthusiasm...

In addition volunteers can help us:

  • Increase our reach to young people, meaning we benefit more young people in more areas.
  • Complete projects in a shorter amount of time meaning young people benefit from them sooner.
  • Spread the word and campaign on our behalf meaning more people hear about sexual health and what we are campaigning for.

All of which can help us develop and deliver a better service to young people!


“Volunteers, particularly when developing activities, can bring new ideas and personal experience which can positively affect the work we're doing within Brook. Alongside this they can question and identify gaps which we may have missed.

It is also great to work with them knowing that you are giving them a positive experience which could help them achieve in education, professional life, or just have an opportunity to make a difference.” - Laura, Participation and Volunteering Manager