Brook has been commissioned to deliver support and training on relationship and sex education (RSE) in Essex. As part of the contract, Brook will be delivering training to professionals and organisations, and will also work directly with young people in our My Life programme. Please note we do not have any clinics in Essex.

Essex (excluding Southend & Thurrock) 

The programmes we offer:

My Life

Our My Life programme consists of one hour weekly sessions over a period of six weeks. Once enrolled on the programme, the young person will meet with the specialist assigned to them. As this is a 1:1 programme, the young person will only meet with their specialist. Brook’s My Life programme enables individuals and groups of young people to take charge to improve their own health and wellbeing by exploring skills, goal setting and becoming more emotionally resilient. My Life incorporates techniques and approaches which are evidence based including motivational interviewing, goal focussed coaching, positive psychology and asset based approaches. This service has been funded for a limited number of young people and so it is important that as much detail as possible is given on the referral form to ensure that this service is appropriate for the young person.

To make a referral for a young person to access our My Life programme, please complete the referral form and email it to essex.education@brook.org.uk.

Training for professionals 

As part of the contract in Essex, Brook will be delivering a set amount of Professionals Training. This means we can provide training to individuals working within Essex in a professional capacity free of charge. If you do not work in these areas you may be able to pay to attend. Training topics, dates and more information will be available shortly. This training is usually a full day, half day, or longer term programme.

To register your interest please contact Joanne Quinn. A link to our Eventbrite page will be posted when it becomes available. 

Education for young people

Our Education and Wellbeing Specialists can deliver targeted RSE sessions in schools. This can be tailored to the specific needs of the school, allowing Brook to deliver sessions on topics that have been identified as a need by the education setting. At present the capacity for this type of service under the contract has not been determined, however this can also be delivered as a paid service. Please view our education pages for the type of sessions Brook can deliver. 

Contact us

Please contact Joanne Quinn for more information about any of our education and training programmes in Essex. 

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