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Quotes about Brook

As part of Brook's 50th birthday, we collected some quotes about Brook that celebrate the charity's work and the impact it has had on people's lives.

"Every week at The Sun I hear from hundreds of young people with all sorts of problems with relationships, their parents, their love life, contraception, pregnancy...you name it. And every time they are within reasonable striking distance of a Brook Advisory Service, I breathe a big sigh of relief, becasue I know that this means they have responsible, understanding, informed and caring help close at hand. I just wish there was a Brook in every town in the country."

The Sun columnist Dear Diedre, 1994

"We are not merely preventing tragedies; we are promoting happiness."

Lord Brain, opening Walworth Brook, 1964.

"Brook has always been close to my heart. I was present at its birth in 1964 at the Family Planning Association AGM when a decision was take to set up a separate organisation for the ‘unmarried’ as young people were then know. I was attending in my capacity as Secretary of the Abortion Law Reform Association and was a comparatively young, though married, person.

"Vivid in my memory was my experience in 1961, when, as a young ‘about to be married’ person, I was referred by my enlightened GP to the local FPA clinic for contraception (diaphragm only in those days). Because I did not have an engagement ring, the receptionist was very suspicious and insisted on taking down not just my personal details, but those of my intended, as well as the time, date and place of our forthcoming nuptials. Somewhat grudgingly, she allowed me in.

"Subsequently I learned that steps were taken to check that I had actually got married. I was completely unsurprised by this hostility to an unmarried person being careful about pregnancy. In the last forty years, the climate has changed profoundly, but there is still a long way to go."

Dilys Cossey quoted in 2005.

"Working at Brook as a nurse means that I can listen to young people and their problems and joys, supporting them and celebrating with them. It keeps me young and gives me street cred with grandchildren."

Muriel O’Driscoll, Nurse Manager, Wirral and Liverpool Brook (1968-2004).

"In my opinion Brook is where young people make their first foray into looking after their health for themselves. My first visit to Brook was a light hearted one. In the late 80s, when I was at Wimbledon high school 70% of our school went to Brook (under the pretext of going to the cinema) in order to go on the pill.

"Later, in my early 20s I turned to Brook again, this time with a heavier heart. Having been told by a doctor that I was infertile as the result of chickenpox I was surprised to discover that I was pregnant. I didn't feel that I could talk to my mother because I felt she’d try to persuade me to have the baby. So again I turned to Brook, this time for advice. For me it’s a simple matter of knowledge means power." 

Sophie, former Brook client and current supporter, quoted in 2013.

"I visited Brook when I was 21 and in the last year of uni. I am British Asian and I couldn't tell my parents that I had a boyfriend as this was not the 'done' thing. I definately couldn't talk to them about sex or contraception as in our culture, you are supposed to be a virgin when you get married!

"I didn't want to see my GP as he was also asian and knew my parents. So Brook was my lifeline. I got the pill from there for about 5 years, until I was 26 and no longer eligible. The doctors were always lovely and professional. Thank you Brook for providing this service."

SpiceAddict, Mumsnet user. You can read the full thread here.