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Health and wellbeing services

50 years of experience have taught us that discussing sexual health is a gateway to many other facets of young people’s lives.

In fact, it is almost inconceivable that we would not touch on other aspects of life when discussing sexual health with the 235,000 young people who access our services each year. Sexual health is inescapably linked with mental, physical and social health and Brook has always provided care and support within this holistic context.

Brook has evolved to deliver a range of robust, evidence-based and well-respected health and wellbeing services.

Our health and wellbeing services are delivered by staff trained in core behaviour change competencies such as motivational conversation techniques, applied positive psychology, goal setting and coaching and asset based approaches. Furthermore, our services are regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission. Quarterly audits and client satisfaction surveys are undertaken quarterly to demonstrate impact.

Each of these services has been co-produced and developed in consultation with young people. These services help young people create a life worth living.

Our health and wellbeing services are as follows:

Counselling is an integral part of Brook’s services for young people and is closely linked to our clinical and education provision. Our approach enables young people to build on and develop skills, motivation and a sense of self-worth to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Brook counsellors provide young people centred counselling and our approach is underpinned by BACP Competencies for Working with Children and Young People. We are currently developing an interactive digital programme which professionals can use themselves with young people which we have called The Five Step Tool. We will be marketing this later in the 2016/17 year.

My Life enables individuals and groups of young people to take charge to improve their own health and wellbeing by exploring skills, goal setting and becoming more emotionally resilient. It can be delivered at your premises, in our own clinics and centres or in community, education and young people’s settings. Brook offers the following three options:

  • 6 session My Life group programme
  • 6 session My Life 1-1 programme
  • Needs led, non-time limited health and wellbeing programmes, which include information and support elements.

Targeted Youth Support is beneficial for young people in particularly challenging circumstances and a bespoke programme is produced for every commission. Families and carers can be involved with the informed consent of young people.

We usually find that a successful programme would consist of 3 elements; individual counselling, building health literacy and skills so that young people can take control of different aspects of their lives. Brook Targeted Youth Support can be delivered at your premises, in our own clinics and centres, or in community, education and young people’s settings.

To discuss any aspect of our Health and Wellbeing services, please contact Helen Corteen on 07585 047665.