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Every year 235,000 young people turn to Brook for support. By raising or donating vital funds, you will be helping give all young people, especially the most vulnerable, a say in their care and education and helping them to develop healthy and happy relationships. Thank you!

Here’s just some of the ways that you can get involved:

  • Fundraise: and join a group of passionate supporters committed to making a real difference to young people’s health and wellbeing
  • Volunteer: give your time to support Brook and the work we do to benefit young people as well as yourself. Various roles are available for different interests and ages.
  • Opportunities for young people: have your voice heard and be actively involved in decision making, and affect quantifiable positive change in Brook services through co-design as well as in local and national policy legislation and other services.
  • Donate: either sign up as a friend of Brook, or make a one-off donation and help to ensure Brook is here for all young people who need us
  • Spread the word: sign up for our newsletter and follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts and shout about all the great work that Brook does to anyone who’ll listen!

Supporting Brook

Brook is the only UK charity dedicated to supporting and empowering young people to take charge of their own health and to make informed, active choices to enjoy their sexuality without harm.

Your stories Your stories

Hayley, 23
"I have become a better person because of Brook: I’m more confident, I’m more compassionate, I’m more involved with my community and I’m thankful for the opportunities that Brook has given me, and many, many, many other young people across the country. "
Duy, 23
"Before I came to Brook I spent a long time searching for a service where I would be listened to and not judged. At Brook each young person is considered to be individual and unique, Brook staff listen and try to understand the situations of the young people they meet. Brook has given countless young people, including me, the chance to set their own path and their own future."
George, 13
"I was feeling really depressed before I joined Brook and I was really nervous about joining the group. But it was just really welcoming when I joined and everyone’s so friendly. It’s built up my confidence and people at school understand me more because Brook has helped me learn ways to explain how I’m feeling, so I’ve got more friends and I’m really thankful for it. Brook has helped me become a better person."

Your stories How your support helps

£50 donation

£50 donation

Could pay for a one to one clinical session for a young person, for them to talk about sexual health and contraception in a non judgemental space, get checked for STIs and get prescribed the right contraception for them.

£32 donation

£32 donation

Could pay for a pregnancy test for a young woman, unsure if she is pregnant and nervous about testing; and the support, counselling and information she needs to help her think about her choices.

£5 donation

£5 donation

Could cover the cost of education materials for an outreach session, inspiring a group of young people to think about consent, learn about STIs or build body confidence and respect for themselves and others.